Vaser Hourglass Lipo surgery

Since female body shape is given priority throughout the ages, present era is no different, the demand for perfect figure is far more today. The hourglass shape, known as the X shape, is the most sought-after body shape. Women blessed with hourglass figure are more admired as they look more attractive than women of other body shapes. Vaser Hourglasslipo is helping women across the world to accomplish their desire.


The new concept in body contouring involves the next-generation Vaser along with a 4–dimensional body contouring procedure. With a delicate mixture of aggressive Vaser and superficial lipo-contouring, women are endowed with an hourglass figure as the technique mimics nature in defining natural body curves and muscle packs. This technique combines hips and buttock contouring with lower back rolls correction to create the hourglass effect.


4D has further taken Vaser to its extreme in creating natural, athletic body shapes complete with feminine abs definition, hourglass figures, buttock shaping and hip enhancement. 4D body contouring is one of the most demanded procedures to create hourglass figure in women.