Vaser hi definition liposuction philippines

What is Vaser hi definition liposuction?

A person regular with gym would years of intensive workout sessions to gain his or her abs, while Vaser 4D shaping can do that in only a few hours. For men, the procedure involves circumferential vaserlipo of the abdomen (upper, lower, flanks), creation of the six packs, removal of love handles,  removal of manboobs, with pectoral definition and augmentation, shoulder and deltoid definition can be added for a complete lean athletic look. For women, it involves circumferential Vaserlipo of the abdomen (upper, lower, waist and love handles) with feminine abs definition and fat transfers to the buttocks.


Men and women both desire a beautifully sculpted look, as rippling chest, well defined abs and flanks add a great sex appeal to a person’s physique. High definition body contouring in 3D and 4D is a concept to create anatomical definition. Lipo sculpture, however, brings out muscular details in a fluid motion. Vaser 4D liposuction–an advanced technique of body sculpting–removes fat and refines natural contours of underlying muscle structure to impart an athletic and toned body.


High definition 4D body sculpting and normal liposuction vary in nature. While Normal liposuction drains the body of excessive fat, high definition body sculpting works to disclose underlying beauty. Through 4D high definition body sculpting, a human body is examined from all angles to provide correct looks, because the human body is neither convex nor uniformly curved. Since it contains organized irregularities, a skilled 4D cosmetic surgeon chisels right amount of subcutaneous fat to reveal the real person inside. 4D high definition liposuction is therefore a very specialized procedure that requires a very experienced surgeon.  The technique has become very popular as it produces ultra-defined results and gives patients an athletic appearance