Bodybuilding Surgery in philippines

What is Bodybuilding Surgery / Surgical Body- Building ?

With increased consciousness for health, more and more people are turning to bodybuilding, but enhanced size and tone of muscles also create problem for both men and women. The practice of weightlifting and associated use of steroids causes unwanted results in physical appearance, therefore, body-builders nowadays look towards cosmetic surgery to accentuate their muscles, alter breast size, and correct the effects of supplements or genetics on fat tissues.


It is witnessed that the existence of unwanted fat deposits in the chest area, which can resemble female-like breasts–gynecomastia. Through cosmetic surgery the excess glandular tissue can be removed, and the chest area can be restored to its former shape. Such cases occur due to hormonal changes in young adults and anabolic steroid usage by bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders with gynecomastia feel that the condition will disrupt their masculine image.


While male bodybuilders accumulate unwanted fat in their chest area, female bodybuilders often deal with opposite problem, as intensive weight lifting practices often create a lack of breasts. Women bodybuilders no doubt wish to keep their muscles strong and toned, but they also aspire to keep their feminine physique, thereby, breast implants are an option.